Maker Fun Factory VBS - July 23-27, 2018

Maker Fun Factory’s VBS drives home that each one of us was “Created by God!!” All week, students are introduced to animal friends who help them understand the Bible point. On Day 1, a crab named “Decker” tells the story of creation declaring, “God made you.” Day 2 finds “Tina,” a handy termite who points us to God’s power saying, “God is for you.” A whale named “Bubba” shares about God’s faithfulness on Day 3 reminding us that, “God is always with you wherever you go.” The Gospel message is shared on Day 4 by Skyler, a tool-toting pigeon who makes it clear, “God will always love you.” Finally, on Day 5 “Abbee”… a bee, directs us to the ultimate conclusion that, “God made you for a reason,” for His glory!

You can register you child for VBS by clicking HERE.


Support for OU Food Pantry

The OU Food Pantry officially opened on March 22nd according to Matt Marks, student director of the pantry.  Student Volunteers have been busy stocking the Pantry - trying to help other students in need.  

If you would like to help, please bring your donation to the church foyer.