Parables of Jesus


We will be engaging our new worship series The Parables of Jesus based on the book Short Stories by Jesus by Amy-Jill Levine.

This series will allow us to take a fresh look at the stories that Jesus told his followers and what we can learn from them today. Levine tells us that these stories, “tap into our memories, our values, and our deepest longings, and so they resurrect what is very old, and very wise, and very precious. And often, very unsettling.

I’m truly looking forward to exploring what Jesus has to teach us about ourselves, our relationship to God, our neighbor, and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Worship and learn each Sunday at one of our three worship experiences!

9:00AM Drive-In Worship in the church parking lot

11:00AM In-Person Sanctuary Worship

11:00AM Online Worship 

10:15AM Kenneith & Sylvia Sing the Hymn Hits 


Wednesday Bible @ Lunch

Eplore the Scripture passage and learn more about God's Word



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